Will NASCAR’s Tony Stewart be Charged with Murder?

I was interviewed yesterday by Jessica Flores with Fox 10 News regarding NASCAR driver Tony Stewart’s crash into Kevin Ward Jr. in upstate New York.

Taylor Higgins, also of Fox 10 News, wrote a story that is also posted on the Fox 10 news web site.

Local attorney weighs in on Tony Stewart Crash

During a dirt track spring car race in Ontario County, New York, Ward’s car spun out and hit a wall after he was bumped by the car driven by Stewart.  Ward exited his car and walked onto the track where he was struck by the car driven by Stewart.  Ward died from his injuries.

Here is the raw video of the incident.  WARNING:  This video shows Ward being hit and thrown and contains adult language.

Whether Tony Stewart is charged with a murder crime will depend on what his actions were leading up to striking Ward and what Stewart’s mental state was.

Will Tony Stewart be charge with murder?If Stewart was reckless, meaning he observed a risk and took it anyway resulting in Ward’s death, Stewart could be charged with Manslaughter.

If Stewart intended to hit Ward, then Stewart could be charged with Murder.

If the incident was an accident, then I do not expect Stewart to be charged with a crime, although he could still be sued by Ward’s survivors.

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