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Shooting in Glendale. Was it self defense?

Glendale woman kills alleged armed robber outside a convenience store in the early morning hours of August 1, 2016.  Watch Glendale criminal attorney Russ Richelsoph explain Arizona self defense laws and when the use of deadly force is justified to Fox 10 Phoenix reporter Ty Brennan.

Indecent Exposure or School Prank?

Red Mountain High School student Hunter Osborn has been arrested for 69 counts of Indecent Exposure and one count of Furnishing Harmful Items to Minors.  Hunter is accused of exposing his penis during a football team photo used in the high school yearbook.  Should  Hunter be treated like a criminal?

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Donovan McNabb Second Offense DUI Arrest

Earlier this week, I appeared on Fox News Now with Samia Khan to discuss former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb getting his second offense DUI arrest in Gilbert after  Mr. McNabb rear ended another vehicle at the intersection of Higley and Chandler Heights.  Mr. McNabb was previously convicted of a DUI in Gilbert in 2014.  In this interview I discuss second offense DUIs.

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