Arizona Juvenile Court Penalties

What are the possible penalties in Arizona juvenile court?

arizona juvenile court penaltiesJuvenile court judges have wide discretion to impose punishment on your child.  Arizona juvenile court penalties may include the following.

Summary Probation

Probation without a probation officer.  The least severe of the Arizona juvenile court penalties.

Standard Probation

Probation with a probation officer.

Intensive Probation

Probation with two probation officers, home arrest, and GPS monitoring.

Detention in County Juvenile Facility

Short term lock up facility, but your child can be held for up to one year.

Department of Juvenile Corrections

This is the juvenile equivalent of prison. Your child can be held until their 18th birthday.  This is the most severe of the Arizona juvenile court penalties.


You and your child may be required to pay money to the court.


You and your child may be required to pay the crime victim.

Drug Testing and Treatment

Your child could be required to drug test on a regular basis and be required to attend drug or alcohol counseling.

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