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Russ Richelsoph is a Arizona Juvenile Attorney

arizona juvenile attorney

Unlike most criminal defense attorneys, Russ is an Arizona juvenile attorney who has represented hundreds of juveniles in juvenile delinquency cases.  Russ knows the juvenile court system and what it takes to win in juvenile court.

When your minor child is accused of a crime, it can be scary for them and you.

You need to protect your child from the criminal justice system.

At the very first juvenile court hearing your child could be:

  • Detained in a Arizona juvenile detention facility;
  • Placed on house arrest and forced to wear a GPS ankle bracelet;
  • Required to drug test;
  • Required to report to a juvenile probation officer.

Frequently Asked Juvenile Delinquency Questions

What happens at Juvenile Court?

Juvenile delinquency cases in Arizona are usually handled in superior court; although, certain misdemeanor offenses and traffic violations can be handled in a justice or municipal court. Typically the following hearings apply to juvenile delinquency cases in the superior courts. This is the Arizona juvenile court process. More…

What are the possible penalties in Arizona juvenile court?

Juvenile court judges have wide discretion to impose punishment on your child. Arizona juvenile court penalties may include the following. More…

Can my child’s case be transferred to adult court?

Arizona juvenile transfer to adult court is governed by specific laws and rules. Arizona law requires certain juvenile cases to be filed directly in adult court. Other cases may be direct filed in adult court, or transferred from juvenile court to adult court, if they meet certain criteria. When a juvenile’s case is filed in or transferred to adult court, that juvenile faces adult court penalties including adult jail and prison. More…

What happens if my child is accused of a sex crime?

When your child is accused of a sexual offense, you need an attorney experienced handling Arizona juvenile sex crimes. More…

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