Arizona Vehicular Aggravated Assault

What is Vehicular Aggravated Assault in Arizona?

Vehicular Aggravated AssaultVehicular Aggravated Assault is a violation of §13-1204 of the Arizona Revised Statutes and is a class 3 dangerous felony.  Vehicular Aggravated Assault is a mandatory prison offense.

If you are charged with Vehicular Aggravated Assault:

You are accused of intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing serious physical injury to another person.  This usually involves a collision while you are suspected of DUI; however, it can also result from a collision involving excessive speeding or reckless driving.

What is the penalty for Vehicular Aggravated Assault in Arizona?

§ 13-1204 Vehicular Aggravated Assault Penalties

Prior Dangerous FeloniesMin IncarcerationMax IncarcerationDriving Privilege Loss
None5 Years15 Years3 Years
One10 Years20 Years3 Years
Two15 Years25 Years3 Years


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