Arizona Super Extreme DUI – Driving with BAC over 0.20%

What is Super Extreme DUI?

Super Extreme DUISuper Extreme DUI is a violation of §28-1382 of the Arizona Revised Statute.  Extreme DUI is a class 1 misdemeanor.

You are being accused of:

  1. Driving or being in actual physical control of a vehicle
  2. While your alcohol concentration is over 0.20% within two hours of driving

What is the penalty for Super Extreme DUI in Arizona?

§ 28-1382 DUI with a BAC over 0.20%

OffenseJail MinJail MaxFine MinDriving Privilege LossIgnition InterlockAlcohol CounselingJury Trial
1st14 Days6 Months$3,17030 to 90 Days18 MonthsMandatoryYes
2nd180 Days6 Months$4,59045 Days to 1 Year2 YearsMandatoryYes
For offenses on or after January 1, 2012.


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