Felony Sentencing

What happens at a Felony Sentencing?

aggravated DUI SentencingIf a person accused of felony is found guilty by a jury, or if there is a negotiated resolution involving a plea of guilty, there will be a Sentencing Hearing.

Usually a Sentencing Hearing takes place 30 to 40 days after the finding of guilt. Prior to sentencing, the defendant will meet with a probation officer who will prepare a Presentence Report (PSR) for the judge. The Presentence Report gives the judge background information about the defendant and makes a sentencing recommendation to the judge.

Sentencing is an opportunity for both defense and prosecution to present to the judge what they believe to be an appropriate penalty for the crime that the defendant was convicted of.  After hearing the arguments of both sides, the judge will then make a ruling and announce what the defendant’s penalty is going to be in the case.

To see possible penalties in an Arizona felony case, see Arizona Criminal Penalties.


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