Felony Pretrial Conference

What Happens at a Felony Pretrial Conference?

felony DUI pretrial conferenceIt is during the Pretrial Conference that the attorneys advise the judge of the status of the case and any outstanding issues that require resolution by the judge.

There can be multiple Pretrial Conferences in a case, but in some courts, a case that is not resolved by the time of the pretrial conference will automatically be set for trial. Just because a case is set to trial, though, does not mean it is actually going to go to trial. Usually the criminal defense attorney is still investigating the case and negotiating with the prosecution regarding resolution.

Usually the next hearing, if any legal motions have been filed, is a Felony Oral Argument and Evidentiary Hearing.  If no motions have been filed, then the next hearing is usually a Felony Pretrial Management Conference.


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