Felony Jury Trial

What happens at a Felony Jury Trial?

arizona felony dui trialIn Arizona, a person accused of a felony is entitled to a Jury Trial.  Guilt or innocence is decided by a jury of eight to twelve people depending on the severity of the offense.

During a Felony Jury Trial, the judge makes decisions regarding legal questions, while the jury makes decisions regarding factual issues.  It is the jury’s responsibility to decide whether the prosecutor has proven guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  The defendant is presumed innocent until the prosecutor proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

A Felony Jury Trial usually takes 3 to 5 days, although a case could take substantially longer depending on the issues and the number of witnesses.

The jury’s decision, whether guilty or not guilty, must be unanimous.  If the jury is unable to reach a unanimous decision, then the judge will declare a mistrial. If a mistrial is declared, the case will be reset for a new trial.

If the defendant is found Not Guilty, then the case is over and the defendant is free to go.

If the defendant is found Guilty, then the case is set for a Felony Sentencing Hearing.


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