Arizona Manslaughter

What is Manslaughter?

Manslaughter is any one of the following:

Arizona Manslaughter

  • Recklessly causing the death of another person
  • Committing second degree murder upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulting from adequate provocation by the victim
  • Intentionally aiding another to commit suicide
  • Committing second degree murder while being coerced to do so
  • Knowingly or recklessly causing the death of an unborn child by any physical injury to the mother

“Adequate provocation” means conduct or circumstances sufficient to deprive a reasonable person of self-control.

What are the Penalties for Manslaughter?

Manslaughter is a Class 2 felony in Arizona.

Sentencing Range for Dangerous Class 2 Felony Offenses (Years)

PriorsProbation EligibleMinimumPresumptiveMaximum

Sentencing Range for Non-Dangerous Class 2 Felony Offenses (Years)

PriorsProbation EligibleMitigatedMinimumPresumptiveMaximumAggravated

Please note that possible sentences in specific cases can be complicated to compute.

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